12 Glow In The Dark Nail Lacquer Set (Glow in the dark Style Nail Polish)

The perfect nail set for all your unique Look. This glow in the dark nail polish set contains 12 colors each presents long wearing and chip-resistant nail lacquers.

12 Glow In The Dark Nail Lacquer Set

  • Colors include 1, Grape Light 2, Green Light 3, Lime Light 4, Purple Light 5, Blue Light 6, Boogie Light 7, Natural Light 8, Scarlet Light 9, Orange Light 10, Peach Light 11,Taquila Light 12, Halloween Light. 

     Direction: Step 1, Apply Glow in the dark nail polish, wait for the color to dry. Step 2, Expose the applied nail underneath light or sun light for around 10-20 seconds to activate the glow. Repeat step 2 when the glow diminish or when needed.


  • 0.4 fl oz each

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