waterproof and volumizing

10 different Unique Brush Style in 5 tube

0.35 oz each tube

Dual side masacara tube

Potential Share ablility among tubes

Alternative Waterproof & Volumizing Dual Mascara

  • Ever Wonder What Type of Mascara brush can Express That special look you always want it in your eyelash?


    Well, wonder no more as this set of mascara contains 10 different unique brush ( from upper lash brush to lower lash brush, thick, spread out, doll style, fuller, softer, separation) you name it, the 10 different brush will bring that look you want.


    Perfect to bring out that special look.


    With 10 different brush in 5 tube, you can double dip the mascara cream into the other tube when one tube is empty. For example, if you use alot of brush 1 when the mascara run out in tube 1 you can dip the brush 1 into other tube to get the mascara out. (some smaller mascara such as Brush 10 in the tube can only be place in tube cover 10 )

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